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CSE 1020: Introduction to COSC I

Section A, Summer 2010

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Week 13 (week of July 27, 2010)

Administrative News:   This week's lectures will review course material based on students' questions.
(Update) The final exam has been scheduled for Wednesday, August 4th, at 2:00pm in CSE B.
Please see the Online Forum for further details.

Lecture Slides:  

Assigned Reading:  

Lab Activity:   The TA will be available in the Prism lab Tuesday and Thursday after lecture.
He will answer your Java-related questions to help you preparation for the final exam.

Week 12 (week of July 20, 2010)

Administrative News:   A report describing your solution to eCheck12B is due Wednesday, July 28, before 11:59 PM.
(Updated) Refer to the Online Forum for submission details.
(Updated) Lab and course evaluations will take place this week. Please bring a pencil to complete the surveys.

Lecture Slides:   A Multiclass Application

Assigned Reading:   (Updated) Chapter 12, pp. 434 - 444

Lab Activity:   eCheck 12B, p. 452; due Wednesday, July 28, before 11:59 PM.