CSE 4431/5331.03M Advanced Topics in 3D Computer Graphics

Winter Term 2009

WWW-page: http://www.cs.yorku.ca/course/4431

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General Information

This course covers real-time rendering, direct programming of graphics hardware, advanced graphics datastructures, photo-realistic rendering, visualization, and volume rendering. The course will also discuss how computer graphics hardware can be used as a high-performance computing platform, as modern GPUs offer more than a magnitude more computational power compared to standard CPUs for many kinds of computation. Additional topics may be covered as well.

Students must fulfill 4th year prerequisites and must have taken MATH 1310, CSE2021, and CSE3431.

Time, Location MW 10:00-11:30, SC 214
Instructor Wolfgang Stuerzlinger
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Recommended Textbooks


Percent of final grade Due date
Assignment A1 - GLSL Programming 15% March 30
Midterm, in class 20% April 15
Course project - Shaders and/or 3D interactive techniques implemented with the help of shaders
Topic in consultation with instructor
(5% proposal,
30% demo,
30% report)
Proposal: April 24,
Demos: May 27 @ noon,
Report: June 1 @ 4pm.

Assignments and projects are to be submitted electronically with the 'submit' command in Prism (unless specified otherwise). The drop date is April 22, 2009. Numerical scores (out of 100) are used to calculate grades. Grades can be viewed via the ePost system here. Or use the following command in Prism:  courseInfo 4431 2008-09 W.

Assignments and the course project uses OpenGL, GLUT, and also the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) Vertex & Pixel shaders. Assignments require a graphics card equivalent or better than an nVidia 5200 (all machines in Prism fulfill this requirement).

Lecture Notes and Additional Material

Course Policies

Late assignements or projects will not be accepted, unless prior arrangement has been made with the instructor. Missed midterms are handled in the same way. Note that exceptions to the late policy will be made only in serious cases and if the circumstances are documentable and beyond your control. Please see the Departmental WWW page on Academic Policies for details regarding academic dishonesty, etc.