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Department of Computer Science and Engineering
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Policies adopted in this course are presented below in the form of answers to frequently asked questions. You are requested to check this page before sending email to your instructor.

Do I have to use my Prism account for email?
Our registration database as well as the mark database is based on the Prism cse account, not your York ID. Without the Prism account, we have no way of identifying your registration status in the course. It is therefore required that you send email (to instructor, TA, etc.) from your cse account and to check its inbox often. Messages received from non-cse accounts may be filtered out.
Is there a particular style that I must adopt in my programs?
Yes, you must follow the coding style described in Appendix C of the textbook. Following a coding style makes your code more readable and, hence, improves maintainability. Style will be taken into account when evaluating programming tests.
What is the policy on academic dishonesty?
We take matters related to academic dishonesty seriously. To that end, measures to detect irregularities are in place and are continually upgraded. For example, written tests are photocopied before being returned to the students. More about academic dishonesty can be found here.
Can I write the test in pencil?
Yes, you can write your answers in pencil.
What happens during a test?
Seating may be pre-arranged, and if so, make sure you sit in the seat assigned to you. No questions are allowed during the test - answer the questions as best as you can. Leave your photo ID on the desk in front of you so that it can be inspected by invigilators. A sign-up sheet will be distributed and by signing it you acknowledge that you are registered in the course and are indeed the owner of the ID.
When will the test results be announced?
The results of a test are typically posted on ePost within two weeks of the test and before the drop deadline (if applicable).
I think there is an error in the marking of my test!
If you believe there are errors in the marking of your test, print a copy of this reappraisal form, fill the form, staple it to your test, and hand it to the instructor. It is essential that you explain clearly why you think the test should be re-marked; otherwise, the test will not be re-marked. Note that the entire test will be re-marked, and your mark may be increased or decreased. Note also that the deadline for re-marking is one week after the marked test have been handed back to the students. No re-marking request will be considered after that deadline.
What if I missed a test?
No make-up tests will be given. If you miss a test for reasons beyond your control, inform your instructor as soon as possible. If approved, the weight of the missed test will be distributed to later components in the course. It is recommended in this case that you ask your instructor for a copy of the test so you can attempt it at home and then compare your answers with the posted ones.
How do I find out the date / place of the final exam?
The date/place of the final exam are set centrally by the registrar office, and posted on its website (accessible from the main York site) about five weeks before the last day of classes in the term.
Can I write the exam in pencil?
Yes, you can write your answers in pen or in pencil. (Note that the exam paper is not returned to the students; only a photocopy can be requested.)
When will the final exam results be announced?
The results are typically posted on ePost within 20 days of the exam.
I think there is an error in the marking of my exam!
Wait until you get your official grade by regular mail from York (nothing can be done before that). Within three weeks of receiving them, go to CSEB-1003 and request a copy of your final. If you spot errors, either in marking, or in addition, or in the overall grade computation, petition by submitting a special form called "Request for Grade Reappraisal" available from CSEB-1003.
What if I missed the final exam?
If you miss the final exam you must contact your instructor as soon as possible. Failure to do so in a prompt fashion may result in you missing the deferred exam. You must obtain the Deferred Standing Agreement Form - taking it and the documentation of the reason for missing the exam to your instructor as soon as possible. Your instructor will consider the documented reason for missing the exam and decide whether or not he/she agrees that you should have deferred standing.
  1. If the instructor agrees, you will be informed of the date of the deferred exam, which will generally be within a few weeks of the date of the original exam.
  2. If the instructor does not agree (or if you contact the instructor after the deferred exam date) you can file a formal petition for deferred standing using the Petition Package forms available from this link to the Registrar's Office web site. If your formal petition is successful you would normally write an exam with the next regularly scheduled examination for the course.
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