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Department of Computer Science and Engineering
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Programming tests

  • The programming tests will be held in the Prism lab (Computer Science and Engineering Building).
  • You must attend the lab session in which you are officially registered.
  • On the day of the test, remember to bring a photo ID.
  • You will be given one or more test questions at the start of the scheduled lab. These questions must be completed during the time of the scheduled lab.
  • During the programming test you may consult your textbook. You may not consult other material. During the programming test you will have access to the api of the Java standard library and the api of the TYPE packages.
  • You will submit your test answers using the submit command. Type man submit on any Prism lab machine to learn how this command works. The submit command will be operational throughout the duration of the scheduled lab and will become disabled at the end of the lab.
  • Sample questions and hints will be posted in advance of the programming tests. The links below will be activated roughly two weeks in advance.
  • To get familiar with the labtest environment, a practice labtest will be held.
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