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Introduction to Computer Science I - CSE 1020

2008-09 Fall

The course lays the conceptual foundation of object-oriented programming. It covers delegation and contracts, encapsulation and API programming, aggregation and the collections framework, inheritance and polymorphism, all from the client's perspective. It also covers language-specific topics like types, control structures, and exception handling. The coverage is done within the framework of the software development process and emphasizes software engineering throughout.

After the Strike

The labour disruption that cancelled our classes starting back on November 6, 2008 is now over. Here is how we plan to continue:
  • Classes resume for section A on Tuesday, February 3, 2009 and for section B on Monday, February 2.
  • There will be 13 more days of classes, namely 3 Monday sessions, 3 Tuesday, 3 Thursday, 2 Wednesday and 2 Friday. Monday 16 February is off for Ontario's Family Day. Wednesday 18 February acts as a Monday class. Thursday 19 February is the last day of classes.
  • We shall pick up roughly where we left off and finish the material from chapters 9, 10 and 11 of the text. We shall not be doing chapter 12.
  • The second labtest will be dropped. Its weight will be moved to the best of labtest1, midterm labtest, final exam labtest.
  • The overall list of eChecks to be done has not changed, but the submission date has. The final date for submission of all eChecks has been changed to before February 20, i.e. up to midnight on February 19.
  • The "drop deadline" is now March 10.
  • The exam period is from February 20 through March 3.
  • (Classes for the winter term start on March 4.)
  • The Week-by-Week schedule will be changed on Monday, February 2.
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