CSE 3402 Winter 2007 Assignment 1

Available Jan 30.  Due Feb 20 at 11am.

Files for Assignment1

  1. PDF handout.
  2. a1answers.txt, text file to enter short question answers.
  3. a1handin.swi template file for prolog code you have to write.
  4. astar.swi implementation of A* search with path checking.
  5. astarCC.swi implementation of A* search with cycle checking.
  6. idastar.swi implementation of ID-A* search with path checking.
  7. astarcommon.swi common code for astar.pl, astarCC.pl, and idastart.pl.  You should put this in the same directory as the search routines, so it will be loaded automatically by SWI.
  8. simpleSpace.swi implementation of n to n+1 and n+2 search space.
  9. waterjugs.swi implementation of the classical water jugs problem as a search problem.
Note that the .pl files have been renamed .swi so that our web server will let you download them.