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A study of design methods and their use in the correct implementation, maintenance and evolution of software systems. Topics include design, implementation, testing, documentation needs and standards, support tools. Students design and implement components of a software system.


Section-A: Mon. 19:00-22:00 SLH C

Course Director: Faraz Torshizi (faraz at cse dot yorku dot ca)


Bulletins (in reverse chronological order)

  • [August 20] Marks for the final exam and phase 2 are now posted. You may also check your unofficial grade using ePost
  • [August 3] The Exam may include material from all lectures, slides, required readings from OOSC2, the test, assignment and SpaceInvader project. You must know the following design patterns: Singleton, Observer, State, Visitor, Decorator, Bridge, Adapter. The Exam is closed book, no aids are allowed. Check your exam schedule at least 24 hours before the exam. The Exam is going to be 180 minutes.
  • [July 28] We are going to have a 2 hour (recommended) lab session from 5:00PM to 7:00PM at the DEMO lab.
  • [July 24] Phase 1 grades are posted. Check your marks using ePost
  • [July 24] Today's office hour: 5pm-7pm
  • [July 19] Final Exam's date, time and location is now posted. See the exam schedule.
  • [July 17] I'm going to have (mobile) office hours today :) I'll be visiting the labs (Prism, Demo and Maxwell) from 5 to 6:00pm to answer your questions regarding phase 2, after that you may find me at the SEL.
  • [July 13] Midterm test answers are available in the course directory.
  • [July 12] Office hours today from 5pm to 7pm.
  • [July 10] Phase 2 is released. See this page and:
    • /cs/course/3311/code/phase2 (contains the incomplete code)
    • /cs/course/3311/code/phase2-extra (contains the requirements document and the GUI)
  • [June 26] Midterm grades are posted. You can pick up your midterms from the SEL. Check your grades using ePost.
  • [June 23] Office hour for next week (June 26: 5:00-6:30pm) at SEL. Please knock on the door if closed.
  • [June 19] There has been a change in the grades posted on ePost. Your grades may have been changed as a result of that. Please check again using ePost.
  • [June 19] Office hours on June 19 from 5 to 6pm at the SEL.
  • [June 16] Assignment grades are posted. You can pick up your assignment after the midterm test. Check your marks using ePost
  • [June 15] Important Reminder: Midterm Test is on Monday June 19th, 2006 in CSE B from 7 to 9pm. For the test, you must know all the required readings from the text (OOSC2), the slides and code examples up to and including week 7 (Inheritance and Polymorphism) and the assignment. The test is closed book.
  • [June 11] Solution to the assignment is posted, see: /cs/course/3311/code/assign1-sol
  • [June 10] There is a lab session on Monday June 12 from 5pm to 7pm at the Demo lab.
  • [June 9] Midterm's Time/Date/Location is set. Please check the lecture schedule for more information.
  • [June 5] Today's Office hour is from 5:30 to 6:30pm at the SEL.
  • [June 2] As a software developer, you must keep up-to-date with the changing environment and deal with incomplete requirements and bugs in the code. Therefore, it is your job to keep track of all these changes as they appear. If there is a change in the phase 1/phase 2 requirement documents or the existing code, you'll receive a message with subject "Requirement change". Then, you have to update your projects according to the change. A new file which contains all the changes (changes.txt) is added to the "phase1-extra" directory. Currently there is a change in the requirement document: Page 5: the value of "sleep_value" (ALIEN_BASE) changed from 4 to 3
  • [May 26] Phase 1 is released. See this page and:
    • /cs/course/3311/code/phase1 (contains the incomplete code)
    • /cs/course/3311/code/phase1-extra (contains the binary solution and the requirement document)
  • [May 22] Office hours for this week: Tuesday May 23, 6-7pm at the SEL
  • [May 12] There is an update for slide 18 of 02 slide series
  • [May 11] Assignment is released. See Assignment info
  • [May 10] LAB SESSION: We are going to have a lab session on Monday May 15 (4:15pm-6:30pm) at the demo lab.
  • [May 8] Office hours for today: 5 - 6 pm (Software Engineering Lab, second floor, CSE building)
  • [May 4] You can now install ESpec on your Linux machines at home. Click here
  • [May 3] An invitation email is sent to your official YORKU address. 
  • [May 2] Two introduction videos are posted: my first program in Eiffel (7 minutes, 2.6MB) and Test Driven Development of square root example (25 minutes, 6MB)
  • [May 2] Lecture slides are posted on the course directory "/cs/course/3311/slides"
  • Welcome to 3311 course website. Please check this page and lecture schedule regularly. All the course related questions should be directed to the newsgroup. An invitation email will be sent to your YORKU address shortly after the course is started. You should be able to join the newsgroup by clicking on the link in the invitation email. For more information click here



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