CSE3101: Design and Analysis of Algorithms - Summer 2006

August 16
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August 15
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Last O.H.: 1:30-2:30pm Thursday August 17 in CSEB2015.
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August 14
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Lectures: Tuesday 7-10pm in CB 115.

Instructor: Phuong Nguyen    email: see the instructor's homepage, Office (on Tuesday afternoon): CSEB 2015, phone: 416 939 3865

For e-mails, please include in the subject ``3101''. Messages without this header may be ignored.

Office Hours: Tuesday 3-4pm in CSEB 2015. Or make an appointment, or send a question via email.

Text: Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, Stein: Introduction to Algorithm (2nd edition) McGraw-Hill (2001), ISBN: 0-07-013151-1

References: Jon Kleinberg and Éva Tardos: Algorithm Design (2006) by Pearson Education, ISBN: 0-321-29535-8

Marking Scheme:
  • 3 assignments, due at beginning of class on May 16 (10%), and June 20 and July 18 (15% each)
  • 3 closed-book tests worth 20% each in classes on June 6, July 4 and last class.
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Assignment 1     FAQ for A1     Solution to Q1 and Q2     Comments and stats
Assignment 2     FAQ for A2     Solution     Comments and average
Assignment 3     Solution

Test 1
Test 2     Comments
Test 3

Lecture Summaries
Lecture 1     slides for week 2     Lecture 2     slides for week 3     Lecture 3     slides for week 4     Lecture 4     Lecture 5     Lecture 6     slides for week 7     Lecture 7     slides for week 8     Lecture 8     Lecture 9     slides for week 10     Lecture 10     slides for week 11     Lecture 11     slides for week 12     Lecture 12     Review12

Additional Notes
Greedy algorithms:
For Activity scheduling/selection click here (called Interval Scheduling)

Dynamic Programming:
For the Longest Common Subsequence problem click here and here.
For SubsetSum, Knapsack and Scheduling Jobs with Deadlines, Durations and Profits click here.

For Flow Network: click here and here.