CSE 3101 - Design & Analysis of Algorithms

Fall 2005 (SESSION A)

Instructor: Periklis A. Papakonstantinou
Teaching assistant: Foad Hamidi
Lectures: Tuesday & Thursday 5.30-7pm (Ross, S205)
Office hours: Tuesday 7-8pm & Thursday 4.20-5.20pm or by appointment (office CSEB 2022)

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Check this web-page regularly for updates. You are strongly encouraged to use the course's Google group http://groups.google.com/group/CSE3101A. Contact the instructor in order to be added to the group.

Date Announcement
Dec. 19 The final marks will be announced today afternoon (Monday, Dec. 19) in the newsgroup.
Dec. 15 The final exam in on Friday December 16, 7pm (CLH D). The exam duration is four hours. Check the newsgroup for details.
Dec. 3 New (simpler) version of assignment 4 is up. You can either answer this or the previous version.
Dec. 1 Assignment 3 deadline is extended to Friday December 2, 1pm.
Nov. 27 Make-up class: Friday December 2, 2005, 1-4pm (Ross S205).
Nov. 16 Tomorrow (Thursday Nov. 17) there will be a tutorial. Room: Ross S612, Time: 4-5pm.
Oct. 29 New version of assignment 2 is out. There is a modification in question 1 of assignment 2. There was one condition omitted in question 1 without which the question is trivialized. Download the new version and check the newsgroup for details and hints.
Oct. 23 The first optional quiz is on Thursday Oct. 27 (first 10 minutes of the lecture). Students who want to take the test must be there at least 5 minutes before the lecture (5.25pm).
Oct. 7 Assignment 1 deadline extended for Monday Oct. 17 (including all five questions).
Oct. 2 According to YorkU schedule there is no classes on Tuesday Oct. 4th and on Thursday Oct. 13th.
Sep. 23 Assignment 1 is out (check "handouts"). If for some reason you don't see new postings clear the cache of your browser.
Sep. 22Today (Thursday Sep. 22) students can take the optional test on mathematical prerequisites. Those students should be in class the latest by 5.25pm. The test lasts for 35 minutes. After the test there will be a lecture.
Sep. 14Assignment reports should be done by each student on an individual basis.
Aug. 29First class on Thursday September 8,2005 at 5.30pm, ROSS S205