COSC 3101 - Design & Analysis of Algorithms

Summer 2005

Instructor: Periklis A. Papakonstantinou
Teaching assistant: Hoda Dehmeshki
Lectures: Tuesday 7-10pm (CB 115)
Office hours: Tuesday 5pm or by appointment (office CSEB 2016)

Tentative Syllabus & Timetable [PDF]
Text and references [text & related texts info in PDF]
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Check this web-page regularly for updates. You are strongly encouraged to use the course newsgroup news://york.cs.course.3101.

Final grades

Letter grades available through "courseInfo 3101"

Date Announcement
Aug. 23Final grades are available.
Aug. 3Students have completed the requirement's for COSC3101. You will receive an email (around August 24) with the percentage of your grade before the decision of matching these grades to grades in a 0-9 scale. As mentioned in the "Administrivia" section (since the beginning of this course) your 0-9 grade is amenable to change, conforming to departmental requirements.
July 27Newsgroup service failure!
July 16You must pass your 3rd assignment in NO LATER than 7.10pm (June 19th) (in the lecture room). Also, if you want to take the 2nd (optional Quiz) you must be in class no latter than 7.00pm
July 15The grades for assignment 2 are available.
July 9A new set of notes in Network Flows is posted (handouts). Either you use this set of notes or (exclusively) you use the UofT handout together with your textbook.
July 4Grades in percentages are available through the 5 last digits of the student number
June 23Take home exam is available to download
June 12Reminder: this week (June 14) is the midterm test. You are advised to be in class the latest by 7.05pm
June 9The deadline to pass-in your assignment 2 reports in the assignment drop-box is June 10, 12pm (sharp!). NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED. You can pick-up the solutions outside instructor's office at around 1pm.
June 5A document with remarks for Assignment 1 is announced in the newsgroup. These remarks are also useful for Assignment 2.
May 27 Simplified version of Assignment 2 is out - Deadline: Friday June 10
May 27 Optional Problem added to Assignment 2
May 25 Assignment 2 is out - Deadline: Friday June 10
May 22 Reminder: Assignment 1 deadline May 24 - you must pass in your reports (CB 115) NO LATER THAN 7.30pm
May 14 Assignment 1 - Extended deadline (May 24)
May 5 Assignment 1 is out (handouts)
May 4 New handouts posted and "Next Lecture Outline" section added
April 25 First lecture on (Tuesday 7pm) May 3rd, at CB 115