WEEK # 1

Sept. 9


Topic Computer Hardware
Details Abstraction, memory diagrams, type declaration, primitive types
To Do Lab #1

WEEK # 2

Sept. 16

No classes on Monday the 16th

Topic Computer Software
Details The Edit-Compile-Run Cycle, the JVM, assignment statement, automatic promotion and manual casts
To Do Lab #2

WEEK # 3

Sept. 23


Topic API & Static Features
Details Anatomy of an API, static fields and methods, the IO class, the SE class, boolean and relational operators.
To Do Lab #3

WEEK # 4

Sept. 30


Topic The Object Abstraction
Details Classes versus Objects; constructors and the new keyword, standard methods, accessors and mutators
To Do Lab #4

WEEK # 5

Oct. 7


Topic Control Structures
Details The if and for statements
To Do Lab #5

WEEK # 6

Oct. 14

No classes on Monday the 14th
Topic Java Strings
Details Special syntax, concatenation, null and empty strings, methods of the String class
To Do Lab #6
Test #1 on Sunday October 20 @3 pm
(see What's New the week before for venue)

WEEK # 7

Oct. 21


Topic Testing & File I/O
Details Elements of software testing, the UniReader, UniWriter classes, parsing using StringTokenizer
To Do Lab #7

WEEK # 8

Oct. 28


Topic Composition & Collections
Details The relations between Stock, Investment, and the Portfolio classes; using an iterator to browse a collection
To Do Lab #8

WEEK # 9

Nov. 4

Drop Deadline on Fri Nov. 8
Topic Inheritance & Polymorphism
Details The relations between CreditCard, RewardCard, and the GlobalCredit classes; the Object class; Object collections
To Do Lab #9

WEEK # 10

Nov. 11


Topic Exception Handling
Details try / catch and the Throwable hierarchy
To Do Lab #10
Test #2 on Sunday November 17 @3 pm
(see What's New the week before for venue)

WEEK # 11

Nov. 18


Topic Implementing Classes - I
Details Instance and class variables, access modifiers, delegation and this
To Do Lab #11

WEEK # 12

Nov. 25


Topic Implementing Classes -II
Details Delegation; javadoc
To Do


WEEK # 13

Dec. 2

Tue Dec. 3 is the last day of classes and will be used to replace missed Mondays. Its lecture schedule is therefore that of a Monday.
Last day for eCheck of Lab 11 is Thu. Dec. 5
Final Exam date will be in [Dec.5, Dec. 20] and is announced by the Registrar Office in November.
Make any travel plans accordingly.