COSC 1030: Introduction to Computer Science II

Fall 2000


Brief Overview

This course is a continuation of COSC1020 and covers some of the fundamentals of software development, various data structures (arrays, queues, stacks, trees, lists), and algorithms that use these structures (sorting, searching). An object oriented approach using Java will be used. The textbook for the course is:

We will have an intro/review to Java during the first week of the course.


Section Time Location Instructor Office Hours Email
1030A MWF2:30 CLH-EYves Lespérance MW5-6, F10-11
1030B T7-10 CLH-IMuhammad KhanT5-7
1030C TR1-2:30 BC341Gordon Turpin TR2:30-3, TWR6-6:30

You may go to any of the instructors of this course during their respective office hours independently of which section you are in. Alternatively, you must make an appointment to see them should you wish to consult with them at some other time.

Course Evaluation

There are four assignments, one midterm test and a final exam. Note: there will be a common midterm. It will be held on Thursday, October 26, 2000 at 7p.m. in CLH-I. The alternate midterm exam (for students who missed the first one) is scheduled on Tuesday, January 23 from 7pm to 9pm in CLH-I(email if you have a conflict). The alternate final exam (for students who missed the first one) will be held on Wednesday, February 14 from 7pm to 10pm in SLH A, B, and F. See material covered this term for what exactly is covered in these exams. You can only take the alternate midterm exam if you missed the first midterm exam, and you can only take the alternate final exam if you missed the first final exam. If you do not show up any midterm exam, your final exam mark will count as your midterm mark; there is no need to get permission for this.

Work Due Date Weight
Assignment 1 Oct 5 5%
Assignment 2 Oct 20 5%
Mid-term Test Oct 26 & Jan 23 30%
Assignment 3 Jan 31 5%
Assignment 4 Feb 12 5%
Final Exam Dec 13 & Feb 1450%

Programming assignments typically require reports. These must be readable and should be prepared in a manner consistent with those in COSC1020.

We will provide marking sheets for your assignments. Please include them as the cover page of your report.

Assignments represent your own individual work. Do not misrepresent another's work as your own; it will be considered academic dishonesty if you do. If you have any questions about this please ask your course instructor.

Assignments are to be deposited by 1:00 p.m. on the due date (a Thursday) in the boxes marked with COSC 1030 and your instructor's name and section. The boxes are in the north hall of the 1st floor of CCB near room 136CCB. After Thursday at 1:00 p.m. NO late assignments will be accepted. Please note that events such as a slow bus or last minute printer breakdown DO NOT constitute valid excuses for lateness. The ONLY exception to this is if you give your instructor a signed medical note indicating when and for how many days you were incapacitated and could not do any work. In this case, you must hand in the medical note and late assignment to your instructor before the marked assignments have been returned. However, once marked assignments have been returned no late assignments will be accepted.

Marks will be made available electronically via the courseInfo command.

Requests for remarking must be made within two weeks of the mark being made available. Note: your mark may stay the same, go up, or go down.

If the test or assignments fall on your major religious observance days then contact the instructor immediately for possible alternate accommodations.

Though the midterm and final exam are closed-book you can bring one hand-written 8.5"x11" paper with you (yes, you can use both sides).

Each piece of work will receive a numerical grade. A final numerical grade will be obtained by weighting the individual pieces of work and this will be converted to a letter grade as follows:

Percentage Letter
90-100 A+
80-89.9 A
75-79.9 B+
70-74.9 B
65-69.9 C+
60-64.9 C
55-59.9 D+
50-54.9 D
40-49.9 E
0-39.9 F

Reference Material

Other books which may be useful:

Some interesting/useful links:

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