This year's topic: Reasoning about Knowledge and Action

Intelligent agents often start with incomplete knowledge of their environment and acquire knowledge they need to achieve their goals through perception and communication. Two important problems in this area are specifying when a plan that may include knowledge-producing actions is executable and how an agent should revise its beliefs when it makes an observation that is inconsistent with these beliefs. In this year's version of this course, we will examine work dealing with these problems.


  1. Foundations
    1. Brief Review of First-order Logic
    2. Reasoning about Action in the Situation Calculus
    3. Reasoning about Knowledge in Modal Logic
    4. Reasoning about Knowledge and Action in the Situation Calculus
    5. Complex Actions and Agent Programming in the Situation Calculus

  2. Seminar on Research Issues in Reasoning about Knowledge and Action and Belief Update

Course Outline

Transparencies on Introduction to Situation Calculus

Transparencies on Foundational Axioms and Yale Shooting Problem E.g.

Paper on Knowledge and Action by Scherl and Levesque

Assignment 1

Assignment 1 Solutions

Assignment 2

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