Language Processors

COSC 4302/5424.03 Winter 1998

NEW! Exam grades and final marks are now available in the course infoFile (type courseInfo 4302 to see your grade on Ariel).

Instructor: Richard Paige

Office: CCB 250

Email: paige@cs

Office Hours: MW 3:30-4:30

Administrative Documents

Assignment and Project Handouts

Notes and Miscellaneous Documents

Lecture notes and overheads used in class will be made available on Ariel, in the course directory /cs/course/4302/Slides. The notes are in Postscript, with 4 slides per page. You can print them using lpr, or preview them using ghostview.

The following overhead files are available in the course directory:

All documents are in Postscript, unless otherwise stated.

Tests and Exams

The midterm test is scheduled for Wednesday, February 25, in class. The test is 50 minutes long, and covers material from slides 1-113. Relevant chapters in the text are Chapters 1-5, most of 7, and 8. You can ignore the parts of Chapters 7 and 8 that make reference to bottom-up parsing techniques. Concentrate on the material in the slides.

Please note that you can use a cheat sheet in the midterm: one 8.5x11 sheet. The most spectacular compression algorithm used to prepare a cheat sheet wins a prize.

NEW! The final exam is tentatively schedule for April 15 at 8:30 am in CCB 129. Please consult the official schedule (available on the York U WWW page) for the most up-to-date listing, and to confirm the location. The exam will cover all the material in the course, with some emphasis on the material covered in the latter half (i.e., on code generation, displays, et cetera). A single cheat sheet will be allowed (the exam is otherwise closed book).

The relevant textbook chapters are: Chapters 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. You can omit the material on: LLGen, LL(k) parsing, LR parsing that is scattered throughout these chapters, section 9.3, and anything that was not discussed in the lecture notes. Relevant slides are 1-208. You are not responsible for knowing the algorithms for generating branching code (though I expect you to understand the concepts of branching code, i.e., how it works).

Click here for a list of review questions to try from the textbook.


If you have any questions about the course, please feel free to mail the instructor.