COSC 4301.03MW: Programming Language Design

York University
Faculty of Pure and Applied Science
Department of Computer Science
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Last updated February 28, 1998

This course focuses on the larger structures of object-oriented procedural programming languages, including subprograms, objects and classes, packages, threads, exceptions, and global program structure. These topics are studied in the context of two important programming languages, Ada and Java. These languages are studied as they are presented in their defining documents. No programming is required.

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#6: February 28, 1998

Course director:

R. Michael Wharton
office: CCB 136

Lecture schedule:

MW 6:00 - 7:30


224 SC


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 2 tests40 %
 4 self-graded exercise sets20 %
 technical essay20 %

20 %

Grading system:

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