COSC 4080.03 Computer Science Project
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Course director: R. Michael Wharton

Last updated January 12,1998

Course administration

If you are interested in doing a 4th-year honours project, and meet the prerequisites described in the mini-calendar, you should either

If the supervisor agrees to supervise you, you should obtain the online project contract template, have it completed and signed by your supervisor, yourself, and then the course director. You may leave filled out contract forms for which you need the course director's signature with the secretary in CCB126. The course director will start the manual enrollment process and a few days later you will be able to complete manual enrollment at CCB125 (Please provide an email address so you can be informed when you can go to CCB125).

Projects from an internship also require a supervisor and contract. Projects have deliverables consisting of source code and documentation, consequently, projects from internships require employer permission that the deliverables are free to be used and modified by faculty and students in future projects.

Students should note that faculty are not obligated to supervise all or any applicants interested in a project and some projects may require particular experience with specific languages or hardware or good marks in specific courses.

You cannot enroll in COSC4080 through the Voice Enrollment system.

You can enroll in COSC4080 in early September for the fall term, by early January for the winter term, and in late April, early May for the summer term.

Please note that students enrolled in COSC4080 may be asked to make an oral presentation on their work to the class and interested faculty and students towards the end of each term.