Department of Computer Science

Course director: M. Spetsakis
Implementation details

COSC 4422.03 Computer Vision
(x-listed COSC 5323.03)

Section A  Winter       Mon, Wed, Fri 12:30

Computer Vision is a very challenging problem with wide applications. It spans several disciplines within science and engineering: computer science, computer engineering, photogrammetry, telecommunications, robotics, medicine and the list goes on. This course introduces the fundamental concepts of vision with emphasis on computer science. In particular the course covers the image formation process, color analysis, image processing, enhancement and restoration, feature extraction and matching, 3-D parameter estimation and applications. A Vision Laboratory is available where students can gain practical experience. The Lab includes several workstations equipped with video cameras, digitizers and image processing software.

Texts: t.b.a.

Prerequisites: general prerequisites, including COSC3121.03