1996-97 -- not offered
Department of Computer Science

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COSC 4361.03 Human-Computer Communication

The course focuses this year on the design and implementation of hypermedia presentation systems. "Hypermedia" refer to the non-linear organization of digital information, in which items (such as a word in a text field or a region of an image) are actively linked to other items. Users interactively select and traverse links in a hypermedia presentation system in order to locate specific information or entertainment, or to browse in large archives of text, sound, images, and video. Well- structured hypermedia give users a way of coping with the "navigation" problem created by availability of low- cost, fast access, high-density storage media.

We may explore the following topics.

Students will be expected to familiarize themselves quickly with the Macintosh interface, and with HyperTalk programming concepts. A knowledge of C or C++ will be useful.

Students will be asked to schedule themselves for at least six hours/week lab time in the Department's Macintosh Lab (158 CCB), as the course work will involve a significant amount of exploring and developing multimedia/hypermedia software. Students will be divided into small teams with specific responsibilities for individual programming tasks assigned in connection with the course topics. Tasks may take the form of constructing prototype applications (using HyperTalk), or the programming of useful procedures (using C or C++). The teams will be asked to write short reports on their work which will be presented in class.

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Prerequisites: general prerequisites