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Course director: N. Graham
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COSC 4341.03 Interactive System Design
(x-listed COSC 5491.03)

Section F  Fall         Tue, Thu 10:00-11:30

Recent studies have shown that on average, 50% of the costs of modern application programs come from the development of the program's user interface. At the same time, users of programs are becoming increasingly aware and critical of poorly designed user interfaces. The modern system designer must, therefore, be capable of creating systems that are easy to use and that truly address the needs of the users, while still managing to remain within budget.

This course introduces the concepts and technology necessary to manage the design and implementation of interactive software. Students will learn methods for designing software matched to the goals, tasks and skills of the eventual users of the system. A development methodology is presented in which each development stage involves evaluation of the quality of the system design. Units in the course will cover User Needs Analysis, User Interface Design, Task-Oriented Specification, Architecture Design of Interactive Systems, System Implementation, and User Testing and Evaluation.

The course is based on a project which involves programming in Turing, a Pascal-like language. Students are expected to learn Turing on their own.

Texts: t.b.a.

Prerequisites:general prerequisites