Department of Computer Science

Course directors:
J. Amanatides (Fall)
B. Guo (Winter)
Implementation details

COSC 4331.03 Computer Graphics
(x-listed COSC 5431.03)

Section A  Fall         Mon, Wed 19:00-20:30
Section M  Winter       Tue, Thu 14:30-16:00

This course introduces the student to the fundamental algorithms of 3-D computer graphics and image synthesis.

The first half of the course will cover window systems, display hardware, graphical primitives, scan conversion, two and three-dimensional transformations and the mathematics of planar geometric projection.

The second half will concentrate on raster algorithms and image synthesis. Some of the topics include visible surface algorithms, modeling, shading, global illumination, anti-aliasing and texture mapping.

Students are expected to be familiar with C and UNIX and will be using the X window environment on the undergraduate workstations. Texts t.b.a.

Prerequisites: general prerequisites; MATH2221.03