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Course director: M. Wharton
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COSC 4302.03 Language Processors

Section A  Fall         Mon, Wed, Fri 15:30

This course is concerned with a variety of theoretical and practical questions that are raised by the need to implement programming languages. The implementation of a programming language is accomplished by writing a computer program that functions as a "translator" or "language processor". Language processors can be categorized as compilers, cross- compilers, interpreters, assemblers, and pre-processors. However, the different kinds of translators generally exhibit a common internal structure consisting of standardized "phases": the scanner, parser, and semantics. Because of this common structure, it is appropriate to study language processors as a unified group. However, the course emphasizes the most important class of language processors: compilers.

As a practical exercise, students are required to design and implement components of a compiler.

Topics covered may include the following:

Texts: t.b.a.

Prerequisites: general prerequisites, including COSC3301.03