Department of Computer Science

Course director: G.Gotshalks
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COSC 4080.03 Computer Science Project

One term Fall or Winter projects.

This is a course for advanced students, normally those in the fourth year of an honours programme, or students who have completed six full computer science courses. Students who have a project they wish to do, need to convince a member of the faculty in the department that it is appropriate for course credit. Alternatively, students may approach a faculty member in the Department (typically, one who is teaching or doing research in the area of the project) and ask for project suggestions. Whatever the origin of the project, a contract is required. It must state the scope of the project, the schedule of work, the resources required, and the criteria for evaluation. The contract must be signed by the student and his/her project supervisor and be acceptable to the course director.

Internship students may elect to receive credit for their internship as a project course. This is outlined further at the beginning of this calendar. A contract is still required.

Prerequisites: general prerequisites; permission of the course director. Restricted to students who have completed 36 credits in Computer Science.

Degree Credit Exclusion: COSC4001.06