Department of Computer Science

Course directors:
G.Gotshalks (Computer Science)
N. Bartel (Physics and Astronomy)
-- bartel@polaris.phys.yorku.ca
I. McDade (Earth and Atmospheric Science)
-- mcdade@windic.yorku.ca
Implementation details

COSC 4001.06 Space and Communication Sciences Workshop (same as SC/EATS4001.06 and SC/PHYS4001.06)

Tuesday 17:00-19:00 2 weeks in the fall and 2 weeks in the winter
                    for project presentations.

Individual projects will be assigned by mutual agreement between the student and a faculty member. The work may be done under supervision by the faculty member, or under supervision of an industrial associate to that faculty member. The projects will be self-contained problems of a design or experimental nature, and will be pursued in the manner of a space project. Thus, the first step is to define the requirements of the project, the second to carry out a review of previous work, and the third to execute the project and draw meaningful conclusions.

As in the real world, the project will usually be open ended, and it is the responsibility of the student, with the supervisor's help, to narrow down the focus of the project to a manageable size, by drawing on a variety of sources of information.

A written report of professional quality is required at the end of the project. The report must be prepared with a word processor and an electronic copy must be made available, as well.

Prerequisites: Satisfactory completion of the 3000-level courses in the Space and Communication Science core

Degree Credit Exclusions: COSC4080.03, EATS4001.06, PHYS4001.06