Department of Computer Science

Course directors:
J. Xu (Fall)
T. Papadakis (Winter)
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COSC 3412.03 Introduction to Database Management Systems

Section A  Fall         Tue, Thu 14:30-16:00
Section M  Winter       Tue, Thu  8:30-10:00

Concepts, approaches and techniques in database management systems (DBMS). Logical models of databases: relational, network and hierarchical DBMSs. An introduction to relational database design. Other topics such as query processing, crash recovery and concurrency control. The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the fundamental concepts of database systems. The four major database models: the relational model, the entity- relationship model, the network and the hierarchical model are treated. However, the relational model and the design of relational databases are emphasized, due to their increasing importance in database research and practical industrial application. Other important aspects of database systems query processing, crash recovery and concurrency control may be also discussed. At the end of this course, a student will be able to understand and apply database system concepts in the use or design of database management systems.

Topics covered may include the following.


Suggested readings:

Prerequisite: general prerequisites; COSC3411.03