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Course director: Z. Stachniak
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COSC 3402.03 Introduction to Concepts of Artificial Intelligence

Section M  Winter       Mon, Wed, Fri 14:30

Artificial Intelligence (AI) deals with building a system which can operate in an intelligent fashion. Neat as this simple definition is, it obscures the complex nature of intelligence. At the time of the Dartmouth Conference (1956), regarded by many as the start of AI, some researchers believed it would be possible to create a "thinking machine" in a matter of a few years. That was close to 40 years ago, and we are still far from our goal, but we have learned a lot on the way.

In this course, we will begin by discussing differing definitions of artificial intelligence and go on to examine fundamental concepts in AI, building on material introduced in COSC3401.03: Introduction to Symbolic Computation. Topics will include reasoning under uncertainty, search, constraint propagation, planning and problem solving.

Text: Rowe, N., Artificial Intelligence Through Prolog, Prentice-Hall 1988

Prerequisites: general prerequisites; COSC3401.03; MATH2320.03