Department of Computer Science

Course director: M. Wharton
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COSC 3301.03 Programming Language Fundamentals

Section A  Fall         Mon, Wed, Fri 11:30

The topic of programming languages is an important and rapidly changing area of computer science. This course introduces students to the basic concepts and terminology used to describe programming languages. Instead of studying particular languages, the course focuses on the linguistics of programming languages; that is, on the common, unifying themes that are relevant to programming languages in general. The algorithmic, or procedureal, programming languages are particularily emphaized. Examples are drawn from early and contemporary pprogramming langauges, including Fortran, Algol 60, PL/I, Algorl 68, Pascal, C, C++, Eiffel, Ada 95, and Java.

This course is not designed to meet the needs of the student who wish to learn to program in a particular language. However, any student who completes this course should be able to learn any new programming language with relative ease.

Topics covered may include the following.

Texts: t.b.a.

Prerequisites: general prerequisites, including COSC2001.03