Department of Computer Science

Course directors:
B. Guo (Section A)
M. McNamee (Section B)
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COSC 3121.03 Introduction to Numerical Computations I (same as AS/SC/MATH 3241.03)

Section A  Fall           Tue, Thu 10:00-11:30
Section B  Fall           Wed 19:00-22:00
Section B is an Atkinson course. Students may complete this course for Arts or Science credit. However, Section B may differ slightly from Section A. For instance, Section B may have a different examination time which is not posted in the regular examination schedule.
This course is concerned with an introduction to matrix computations in linear algebra for solving the problems of linear equations, interpolation and linear least squares. Errors due to representation, rounding and finite approximation are studied. Ill-conditioned problems versus unstable algorithms are discussed. The Gaussian elimination with pivoting for general system of linear equations, and the Cholesky factorization for symmetric systems are explained. Orthogonal transformations are studied for computations of the QR decomposition and the Singular Values Decompositions (SVD). The use of these transformations in solving linear least squares problems that arise from fitting linear mathematical models to observed data is emphasized. Finally, polynomial interpolation by Newton's divided differences and spline interpolation are discussed as special cases of linear equations. The emphasis of the course is on the development of numerical algorithms, the use of intelligent mathematical software and the interpretation of the results obtained on some assigned problems.

Topics covered may include the following.

Texts: t.b.a.

Prerequisites: for Computer Science majors - general prerequisites, including MATH2221.03; for others - COSC1030.03 or COSC1530.03 or COSC1540.03; MATH1010.03 or MATH1014.03 or Math1310.03; MATH2221.03

Degree Credit Exclusion: MATH3241.03