Department of Computer Science

Course director: t.b.a.
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COSC 1540.03 Computer Use for the Natural Sciences

Section A (Fall)    t.b.a.  Mon, Wed, Fri 15:30
Section M (Winter)  t.b.a.  Tue 12:30-14:30, Thu 12:30

Introduction to problem solving using computers - top down and modular design; implementation in a procedural programming language - control structures, data structures, subprograms; application to simple numerical methods, modelling and simulation in the sciences; use of library subprograms. This course is intended for students in the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science.

Note: This course is not open to any student who has passed or is taking COSC1020.03. This course counts as elective credits towards satisfying Faculty degree requirements but does not count as Computer Science credits.


Prerequisites: none

Degree credit exclusions: COSC1530.03, SC/ACMS1010.02.