Department of Computer Science

Course director: P. Cribb
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COSC 1520.03 Introduction to Computer Use I

Section SU  t.b.a.     Mon, Wed, Fri 11:30

Section A  L. Lowther  Mon, Wed, Fri 13:30
Section B  t.b.a.      Mon, Wed, Fri  9:30
Section C  t.b.a.      Tue 15:30-17:30, Thu 15:30
Section D  L. Lowther  Mon, Wed, Fri 16:30
Section E  t.b.a.      Mon, Wed, Fri 10:30
	Physical education only
Section G  t.b.a.      Mon, Wed, Fri 11:30
	Physical education only
Section H  G. Turpin   Tue, Thu  8:30-10:00
Section J  G. Turpin   Tue, Thu 10:00-11:30

Section M  L. Lowther  Mon, Wed, Fri 16:30
Section N  t.b.a.      Mon, Wed, Fri 11:30
Section P  G. Turpin   Tue 14:30, Thu 13:30-15:30

This course is appropriate for students who are not majoring in Computer Science, but who would like an introduction to the use of the computer as a problem-solving tool. No previous computing experience is assumed, but the course will involve a number of programming exercises, so some facility with problem-solving and symbolic operations will be very helpful.

An introduction to the use of computers focusing on concepts of computer technology and organization (hardware and software), and the use of applications and information retrieval tools for problem solving.

Topics to be studied include: the development of information technology and its current trends; analysis of problems for solution by computers, report generation, file processing; spreadsheets; database; numeric and symbolic calculation; the functions of an operating system; interactive programs.

Students should be aware that like many other computer courses, this course is demanding in terms of time, and should not be added to an already heavy load. There is scheduled and unscheduled time in the Glade laboratory using NeXT computers. The course is not appropriate for students who want more than an elementary knowledge of programming and it cannot be used as a substitute for COSC1020.03/1030.03: Introduction to Computer Science.

Advice: If it is possible, we suggest that you enrol for the winter term.

Note: This course is not open to students who have passed or are taking COSC1020.03. This course counts as elective credits towards satisfying Faculty degree requirements but does not count as Computer Science credits.

Texts: t.b.a.

Prerequisites: none