Department of Computer Science

Course director: J. Edmonds
Implementation details

COSC 1030.03 Introduction to Computer Science II

Section A  R. Paige        Mon, Wed, Fri 17:30

Section M  J. Edmonds      Mon, Wed, Fri 14:30
Section N  T. Brecht       Tue, Thu 14:30-16:00
Section P  G. Gotshalks    Mon, Wed, Fri 10:30

This course is a continuation of COSC1020 and covers some of the fundamentals of software development, various data structures (arrays, queues, stacks, trees, lists), and algorithms that use these structures (sorting, searching). Object oriented Turing (OOT) will be used to introduce object oriented programming. Students will use the Unix operating system with the X Window System.

Text: D.T. Barnard, R.C. Holt, J.N.P. Hume, Data Structures: An Object-Oriented Approach, Holt Software Associates, Inc., 1995.

Suggested reading: R.C. Holt, T. West Turing Reference Manual, 6'th edition, Holt Software Associates, Inc., 1995.

Prerequisites: COSC1020.03; MATH1090.03