The Courses Directory

The purpose of the directory is for course instructors to maintain WWW pages pertaining to courses they are teaching.

If you follow the suggestions, then we will have a common style of presentation for all Departmental courses pointed to by the general Departmental WWW pages. Even for courses in which the instructor is not interested to creating implementation information. We also anticipate archiving the Courses directory evey year -- it will still be accessible -- and create a new default Courses directory. Each year instructors would create new pages or copy from the archive directory those pages they want to retain or modify for the new season. This should keep the Courses directory clear of obsolescent material in a relatively painless manner for all concerned.

The first section describes how this directory fits into the Departmental WWW page structure.

The seccond section describes how course instructors can add custom implementation details at the leaf level.

Where are we in the directory structure

The courses directory is linked to from the Departmental home page and from the undergraduate program pages.

The contents of the Courses directory is the following.

How to link your course pages

For each course you want to maintain WWW pages, edit the file Welcome.html in the appropriate course subdirectory. For example .../Courses/1020/Welcome.html . This page is linked to by the corresponding calendar description in the CalendarDesc directory -- near the beginning labelled "Implementation details".

You can add files to the course subdirectory and link to them as necessary. Of course, you can link to any other desired files.

For courses that have multiple sections, it is anticipated that there will be a body of common pages in the course subdirectory from which each instructor can insert links to files specific to each section. It is also anticipated that material unique to each section would be placed in subdirectories within the course subdirectory.