COSC 4001 Space and Communication Sciences Workshop

Course Administration

1. Faculty members interested in supervising projects submit to the course directors short project descriptions in electronic (ascii) form, with the following information:
	Requirements in hardware/software
	Background required
	Supervisors name, phone number and e-mail address.
These project descriptions will become accessible to all 4th year SCS students in the form of a readable file on Ariel on the first day of classes.

2. Students will select one or more projects of interest to them and apply for the project by submitting to the project supervisors a short resume and a statement expressing their interest and why they are qualified to carry out the work (e.g. prior work experience in the same area, high mark in related/prerequisite courses).

A supervisor has the right to select the most qualified student for his/her project, if multiple candidates apply. He/she also has the right to refuse to supervise a student, if the student's background is not suitable for the project.

If a student is unable to find a supervisor through the normal route described above, he/she should contact the course directors.

3. Student completes the course contract below with his/her supervisor, and forwards a copy to the course directors. The contract must specify precisely the requirements of the project, including deliverables (e.g. software or hardware) and the criteria for the evaluation of the project.

Students should submit a copy of their resume to the course directors along with the completed contract.

4. The amount of work expected of the student is the equivalent of a full-year course, i.e. an approximate 10 hours per week over the full academic year (Fall and Winter term). The amount of time a supervisor is expected to spend with each student is of the order of 1 hour/week over the full academic year.

5. Any questions of administrative or organizational nature should be addressed to the course directors.

For people with access to Ariel, further information can be found in the files in the following directory.